Safety & sustainability

The safety of our customers is our number one priority. We monitor our toll roads 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and conduct regular equipment checks and maintenance across the Linkt network.

If you break down or have an accident, 24/7 safety cameras will alert our control room operators and we’ll send out an incident response unit to assist you right away.

Other innovations such as electronic signage, variable speed limits, radio re-broadcasting and over-height vehicle detections let you know what's happening on the road ahead, preventing bottlenecks and keeping you safe. Find out more about tunnel safety features and vehicle restrictions when carrying dangerous goods in tunnels.

How to stay safe on Linkt roads

Breakdowns on freeways and in tunnels can disrupt traffic and be a safety hazard. Keep your vehicle maintained and read our simple tips for driving in tunnels or during a breakdown to help keep you and other travellers safe.

Vehicle checklist

  • Don’t drive on freeways and in tunnels when you’re very low on fuel
  • Ensure you have an inflated spare tyre
  • Secure your load
  • Obey road signs, including the overhead lane signs

Tunnel air quality monitoring

The air quality in Brisbane’s road tunnels must meet strict standards set by the QLD Government.

Air quality monitors located inside and outside the tunnels constantly measure the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, fine particles and visibility levels.

A system of jet fans, ventilation stacks and exhaust points manage air in the tunnel to keep pollutant levels low.

For real-time air quality information, view: