Eastern Distributor

The Eastern Distributor is a 6 km motorway and an important link in Sydney’s orbital motorway network. It features a 1.7 km 'double deck' tunnel, with southbound lanes running underneath the northbound lanes. When you use the Eastern Distributor, you bypass 19 sets of traffic lights and save on travel time.

The Eastern Distributor is electronically tolled with no cash tollbooths. To pay for your travel, open an Tag account, a Tagless account or buy a Sydney Pass.

Toll pricing

Use our handy toll calculator to work out the cost of your Eastern Distributor trips, compare your tolled and untolled travel options with Trip Compare, or see a full list of toll prices.

Entries and exits

Northbound Entry Exit
Southern Cross Drive, South Kensington Yes No
South Dowling Street (between Cleveland Street/Fitzroy Street), Surry Hills Yes No
Moore Park Road/Anzac Parade, Paddington Yes No
William Street/Palmer Street (to Cross City Tunnel), Darlinghurst No Yes
Shakespeare Place/Macquarie Street, Sydney No Yes
Cahill Expressway (to Harbour Bridge and Tunnel) No Yes


Southbound Entry Exit
Cahill Expressway (from Harbour Bridge and Tunnel) Yes No
Shakespeare Place/Macquarie Street, Sydney Yes No
Cowper Wharf Road/Sir John Young Crescent, Woolloomooloo No Yes
William Street/Palmer Street, Darlinghurst No Yes
Bourke Street, Woolloomooloo Yes No
Cross City Tunnel, Darlinghurst Yes No
Moore Park Road, Paddington No Yes
Anzac Parade, Paddington No Yes
South Dowling Street (to Dacey Avenue/Todman Avenue), Surry Hills No Yes
Southern Cross Drive, South Kensington No Yes

Tunnel safety

The Eastern Distributor clearance height is 4.4 m.

Do not enter the tunnel if you are driving an over-height vehicle. Observe roadside signs for the alternative route provided.


Variable speed limits

To improve safety and traffic flow, variable speed limits were introduced on the Eastern Distributor.

Speeds are matched to travel and driving conditions, particularly when there is an incident on the network. Variable speed limits are enforceable and must be obeyed.

To ensure motorists are aware of the current speed, there has been a substantial increase in the number of speed limit signs. There are 19 southbound variable speed limits signs and 17 in the northbound direction.

The standard speed limit for the Eastern Distributor is 80km/h. Variable speed limits already operate in Sydney’s Lane Cove and M5 East Tunnels.