Lane Cove Tunnel

The Lane Cove Tunnel runs for 3.6 km and forms part of Sydney’s orbital motorway network. Taking the tunnel allows you to avoid traffic congestion on Epping Road between Sydney’s northwest and the CBD.

When you use the Lane Cove Tunnel, you bypass 5 sets of traffic lights along Epping Road.

The Lane Cove Tunnel is electronically tolled with no cash tollbooths. To pay for your travel, open an Tag account, a Tagless account or buy a Sydney Pass.

Map of the Lane Cove Tunnel. All toll entry and exit points in below tables

Toll pricing

Use our handy toll calculator to work out the cost of your Lane Cove Tunnel trips, compare your tolled and untolled travel options with Trip Compare, or see a full list of toll prices.

Entries and exits

Entry and exit points travelling Eastbound
Hills M2, North RydeYesNo
Epping Road, Lane CoveYesNo
Pacific Highway, ArtarmonNoYes
Gore Hill Freeway, ArtarmonNoYes


Entry and exit points travelling Westbound
Gore Hill Freeway, ArtarmonYesNo
Pacific Highway, ArtarmonYesNo
Epping Road, Lane CoveNoYes
Hills M2, North RydeNoYes

Tunnel safety

The Lane Cove Tunnel clearance height is 4.4 m.

Do not enter the tunnel if you are driving an over-height vehicle. Observe roadside signs for the alternative route provided.