Toll pricing

M5 East is electronically tolled.

Toll prices for the M5 East are based on:

  • the number of toll points you pass along the motorway
  • your vehicle class

M5 East

Tolls from 1 January 2022
Entry/Exit Vehicle class King Georges Road Kingsgrove Road Bexley Road Princes Highway Marsh Street General Holmes Drive
King Georges Road Class A     $3.16 $5.97* $6.13 $7.23
Class B $9.48 $17.92* $18.39 $21.70
Kingsgrove Road Class A
      $4.77* $4.93 $6.06
Class B
$14.33* $14.81 $18.18
Bexley Road Class A
Class B
Princes Highway Class A
$5.97* $4.77*        
Class B
$17.92* $14.33*
Marsh Street Class A
$6.13 $4.93        
Class B
$18.39 $14.81
General Holmes Drive Class A $7.23 $6.06        
Class B $27.80 $18.18

*Eastbound only

All prices shown include GST and do not include any additional fees. Toll prices are valid from 1 January 2022 and are adjusted annually. Find out more about tag account fees tagless account fees and Sydney Pass fees.

Vehicle classes

  • Class A
    • Vehicles 2.8 metres or less in height and 12.5 metres or less in length.
    • Typically, these vehicles are cars and motorcycles.
    • Also referred to as Class 2 or CAR.
  • Class B
    • All other vehicles.
    • Typically, these vehicles are trucks, heavy vehicles, and can include larger items being towed depending on the overall dimensions.
    • Also referred to as Class 4 or HCV.

Vehicle length and height – Vehicle dimensions on NSW toll roads include (without limitation) any towed vehicles such as a trailer, caravan or boat, and items placed on the roof of the vehicle or vehicles with elevated roofs.


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