How to pay NorthConnex tolls

To pay for travel on NorthConnex or any Sydney toll road you need to buy a pass or open an account. 

If you've already travelled you can buy a Sydney Pass within 5 days of your first trip. You can also backdate your travel up to 10 days after your first trip* when you open a Tag or Tagless account.

If you've received a toll notice you can pay a toll notice online

If you're planning future travel on Sydney toll roads you can open a Tag account or Tagless account, or buy a Sydney Pass. With all our products you'll be covered for trips on any Australian toll road.

*Your Tag, Tagless or Commercial account can cover trips made up to 10 days ago on all toll roads in NSW or Victoria except for the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel (NSW) or EastLink (Victoria). To pay for past travel on these roads, you'll need to buy a separate pass. You can cover trips made up to 9 days ago in Queensland.

Pennant Hills Road regulation

Who must use NorthConnex?

Certain vehicles travelling between the M1 and M2 motorways must use the tunnel unless they have a genuine destination accessed via Pennant Hills Road. Vehicles required to use NorthConnex (unless accessing a local destination via Pennant Hills Rd):

  • Trucks or buses over 12.5m long
  • Trucks or buses over 2.8m clearance height
  • A Class 1 vehicle up to 2.5m wide; and 4.6m clearance height; and 25m long
  • A Class 2 or 3 vehicle (which may currently be operating under a permit or notice approved to use Pennant Hills Rd but will no longer be permitted once NorthConnex opens)

For the full list of vehicles exempt from regulation visit the Transport for NSW website for Pennant Hills Road regulation and Using tunnels.

I don’t want to take the toll road at all. Which road do I need to use?

Please review the Pennant Hills Road regulation on who must use the tunnel and who can't use the tunnel. Motorists in Class A vehicles or recreational vehicles, who do not wish to take the tolled route, can continue to use Pennant Hills Road.​ Find out more about vehicle classes.