About WestConnex

WestConnex provides motorists with a continuous, 33km traffic-light free motorway network, with connections for future projects linking the north shore, Sydney Airport and the southern suburbs.

WestConnex has been delivered in four major stages:

  1. The M4, opened in July 2019. The WestConnex M4, including the 5.5km M4 Tunnels, connects the widened M4 motorway and Haberfield.
  2. The M8, opened in July 2020. The 9km twin tunnels connects the M5 East at Kingsgrove to a new interchange at St Peters.
  3. M4 and M8 extensions, opened in 2023, are 7.5km tunnels linking the M4 at Haberfield with the M8 at St Peters, with future connections to the Anzac and Iron Cove bridges via the Rozelle Interchange.
  4. Rozelle Interchange, opened in 2023, connects the M4 to the Anzac Bridge and the M8 to the City West Link and Victoria Road, and the future Western Harbour Tunnel.

WestConnex is electronically tolled with no cash tollbooths. Linkt accounts and passes can be used to pay for WestConnex tolls. To pay for your travel, open a Tag account, a Tagless account or buy a Sydney Pass.

Map view of the whole WestConnex network

Tolling on WestConnex

WestConnex features Australia’s first multi-concession tolling scheme. Find out more about tolling on the WestConnex network by watching the video below.

Toll pricing

You can find maximum tolls listed on the WestConnex toll pricing page. Use our handy toll calculator to work out the cost of your WestConnex trips or compare your tolled and untolled travel options with Trip Compare.

Vehicle class

  • Class A
    • Vehicles 2.8 metres or less in height and 12.5 metres or less in length.
    • Typically, these vehicles are cars and motorcycles.
    • Also referred to as Class 2 or CAR.
  • Class B
    • All other vehicles.
    • Typically, these vehicles are trucks, heavy vehicles, and can include larger items being towed depending on the overall dimensions.
    • Also referred to as Class 4 or HCV.

Vehicle length and height – Vehicle dimensions on NSW toll roads include (without limitation) any towed vehicles such as a trailer, caravan or boat, and items placed on the roof of the vehicle or vehicles with elevated roofs.

Entries and exits

Eastbound/Southbound Entry Exit Section
M4 at Church Street, Parramatta (Eastbound) Yes No M4
James Ruse Drive, Clyde (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Silverwater Road, Silverwater (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Hill Road, Homebush (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Parramatta Road, North Strathfield (Eastbound) No No M4
Concord Road, Concord (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Parramatta Road, Strathfield (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Haberfield (Eastbound) Yes Yes M4
Ashfield (Eastbound) No Yes M4
St Peters Interchange, St Peters (Southbound) Yes Yes M8
King Georges Road, Beverly Hills (Eastbound) Yes No M8
City West Link (Southbound) Yes No M8
Victoria Road (Southbound) Yes No M8
Western Distributor (Eastbound) No Yes M4


Westbound/Northbound Entry Exit Section
King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills (Westbound) No Yes M8
St Peters Interchange, St Peters (Northbound) Yes Yes M8
Ashfield (Westbound) Yes No M4
Haberfield (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
Parramatta Road, Strathfield (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
Concord Road, Concord (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
Parramatta Road, North Strathfield (Westbound) Yes No M4
Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
Hill Road, Homebush (Westbound) Yes No M4
Silverwater Road, Silverwater (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
James Ruse Drive, Clyde (Westbound) Yes Yes M4
M4 at Church Street, Parramatta (Westbound) No Yes M4
City West Link (Northbound) No Yes M8
Victoria Road (Northbound) No Yes M8
Western Distributor (Westbound) Yes No M4


Victoria Rd bypass (Iron Cove Link)

Rozelle Interchange will provide an underground toll-free bypass of Victoria Road, known as the Iron Cove Link.

Entry Direction Entry Exit Entry/ Exit name
Eastbound (to Western Distributor) Yes No Victoria Road
Westbound (from Western Distributor) No Yes  
Westbound (towards Victoria Rd) Yes No Western Distributor
Eastbound (from Victoria Road) No Yes