WestConnex M8

The WestConnex M8 includes a tunnel linking Beverly Hills to St Peters, which continues through a new extension which connects the M8 and the M4 at Rozelle. A new connection at Rozelle Interchange is also included in the WestConnex M8.

The M8 is electronically tolled with no cash tollbooths. Linkt accounts and passes can be used to pay for WestConnex M8 tolls. To pay for your travel, open a Tag account, a Tagless account or buy a Sydney Pass.


Map view of the M8

Toll pricing

Use our toll calculator to work out the cost of your journey on all Sydney toll roads including the WestConnex M8, or view current WestConnex toll prices. Compare your tolled and untolled travel options with Trip Compare.

You can also see what travel will cost you on toll road projects that are under construction

Vehicle class

  • Class A
    • Vehicles 2.8 metres or less in height and 12.5 metres or less in length.
    • Typically, these vehicles are cars and motorcycles.
    • Also referred to as Class 2 or CAR.
  • Class B
    • All other vehicles.
    • Typically, these vehicles are trucks, heavy vehicles, and can include larger items being towed depending on the overall dimensions.
    • Also referred to as Class 4 or HCV.

Vehicle length and height – Vehicle dimensions on NSW toll roads include (without limitation) any towed vehicles such as a trailer, caravan or boat, and items placed on the roof of the vehicle or vehicles with elevated roofs.

Entries and exits

St Peters Interchange, St Peters (Southbound)YesYesM8
King Georges Road, Beverly Hills (Eastbound)YesNoM8
City West Link (Southbound)YesNoM8
Victoria Road (Southbound)YesNoM8


King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills (Westbound)NoYesM8
St Peters Interchange, St Peters (Northbound)YesYesM8
City West Link (Northbound)NoYesM8
Victoria Road (Northbound)NoYesM8

Road works and closures

Before you drive, check the most up-to-date road closure information so you can plan an alternative route.

Tunnel safety

The clearance height for the WestConnex M8 tunnels between St Peters and Beverly Hills is:

  • 5.1m eastbound
  • 5.1m westbound

Driving tips

  • Do not enter the tunnels if you are driving an over-height vehicle.
  • Ensure your load is secured so it doesn't trigger over height detectors (this may result in a road closure while we investigate the cause of the trigger).
  • Observe roadside signs for the alternative route provided.
  • We recommend that customers close their windows and turn on recirculated air when driving through tunnels.

Air quality

The health of local communities and motorists using WestConnex M8 tunnels is our first priority, that’s why we monitor air quality 24/7. Visit our air quality monitoring site to find real time air quality data for WestConnex M8.