CityLink is a 22 kilometre road. Most of the road is eight lanes wide, with four inbound and four outbound lanes.

The Bolte Bridge and the Burnley and Domain tunnels are all part of CityLink.

CityLink connects Melbourne's Monash, West Gate, and Tullamarine freeways. It also connects the city centre with Melbourne’s major airport and port.

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Map of the Citylink toll network, all toll entry and exit points in below tables

For an interactive map and journey planner use our handy toll calculator.

Entries and exits

Entry and exit points travelling south-east from Essendon via the City to Malvern
Tullamarine Fwy
Bell Styesno
Moreland Rdyesno
Brunswick Rdnoyes
Flemington Rdnoyes
Racecourse Rdyes no
Dynon Rdnoyes
Footscray Rdyesyes
Bolte Bridgenoyes
Burnley Tunnelyesyes
West Gate Fwyyesyes
Kings Wayyesyes
Power Styesyes
Exhibition St Extension
Swan Styesyes
Church Stnoyes
Punt Rd
Burnley St (Yarra Boulevard)
Burnley St Tunnelnoyes
Monash Fwynoyes
Toorak Rdnoyes


Entry and exit points travelling north-west from Malvern via the City to Essendon
Toorak Rd
Monash Fwy
Burnley St (Yarra Boulevard)
Gibdon Styesno
Punt Rdnoyes
Swan Styesyes
Exhibition St Extensionnoyes
Domain Tunnelnoyes
Bolte Bridgeyesno
West Gate Freewayyesyes
Kings Wayyesyes
Power Styesyes
Footscray Rdyesyes
Dynon Rdyesno
Racecourse Rdnoyes
Flemington Rdyesno
Brunswick Rdyesno
Moreland Rdnoyes
Bell Styesyes
Tullamarine Fwynoyes