Avoiding toll notice fees is easy

If you travel on Sydney toll roads without a valid toll arrangement, you’ll be paying more for your travel. You’ll incur toll notices that carry extra fees.

To avoid these extra fees, you can transfer the toll notices to a Linkt account. You’ll be charged a small transfer fee instead of the administration fee of $10 (first notice) or $20 (follow-up notice).

Depending on the roads you drive on, you can save up to $8.90 per notice if you transfer it to an account:

  • For Westlink M7 you’ll pay $1.90 to transfer a first notice
    (saving $8.10) or $2.90 for a follow-up notice (saving
  • For all other Sydney toll roads, you’ll pay $1.10 for a first
    notice (saving $8.90) or $2.20 for a follow-up notice (saving

To avoid future toll notices, make sure you have a valid toll arrangement before you travel. We have passes or accounts options that suit your travel needs.