Going to the AFL final at the Gabba this Saturday? Be there before the bounce.

Get up to 25 minutes back in your day and take AirportLinkM7 and Clem7 to the game and back with your Linkt account.

Going to the Gabba for the AFL final? Take AirportlinkM7 and Clem7 and get up to 25 minutes back in your day to enjoy the match*.

Coming from the Northern suburbs?

Enter AirportlinkM7 at Kedron and exit Clem7 at Shafston Ave and head back home this way after the game and you'll shorten your round trip by up to 25 minutes, compared to a trip via Lutwyche Road and Story Bridge. 

Plan ahead

If you haven’t travelled on AirportlinkM7 or Clem7 in a while, it’s easy to plan your trip in advance and keep up to date with traffic changes on Brisbane’s toll road network. Visit our website for the latest traffic news, or subscribe to travel alerts at any time.

Ready to go?

Log in to your account or via the Linkt app to check your account balance and make a quick and easy top up if you need to.

Enjoy the match.

*Savings based on a trip from Chermside to Woolloongabba using AirportlinkM7 entering at Kedron and exiting Clem7 at Shafston Avenue, and the return trip entering at Shafston Avenue and exiting at Kedron.