Fairer taxi tolls

Upgraded meter technology means taxis can now charge passengers tolls for travel between toll points on CityLink and display tolls on the meter.

This means that from 1 July, all taxis (including maxi and wheelchair taxis) will be classified the same way as cars, like ride share vehicles are, which means CityLink taxi toll prices will be the same as car toll prices, so:

  • drivers won’t need to manually add tolls at the end of each trip
  • CityLink tolls will automatically display on the meter, giving passengers greater visibility about the cost of their trips

This means, a popular trip like Flemington Road to the airport will cost $2.60 instead of $6.40 when applying current car toll prices.

These changes apply to CityLink trips only, there are no changes to EastLink trips.

Exhibition St toll point change

As passengers will now pay tolls the same as cars, tolls will now apply for travel through the Exhibition St toll points.

Changes to metro and rural taxi passes

Also as part this change, taxi-specific toll passes won’t be available to purchase. From 1 July, rural and metro taxis can access the same types of passes as cars—the 24 Hour Tulla, CityLink and Weekend passes. You can purchase these passes online or find your nearest store to pay in person.

Passes for taxis will be capped at two annually. Rural taxis are encouraged to get in touch with us to discuss taxi account options if they anticipate regular travel on CityLink.

Taxi toll prices

See the taxi toll prices for more information.

New taxi meters

All taxis in the metropolitan (urban and large regional) areas must be capable of calculating and displaying toll prices before 1 July. Rural taxis travelling on CityLink will also need to ensure their meters can accurately record and display the correct toll price.

Go to cpv.vic.gov.au for more information.