Extended grace period for recreational vehicles travelling in NSW (Updated 22/06/2020)

From August 2019, improvements in roadside measurement technology has meant more consistent classifications and charging across toll roads in Sydney. As classifications are determined by vehicle measurements, towed vehicles and caravans may have been impacted by these changes. 

In NSW, the class of your vehicle, along with the distance you travel, determines the tolls you pay. Class is determined by vehicle dimensions and recent improvements in roadside technology has improved the way we detected these measurements. 

A vehicle’s total measurements include any towed vehicles, such as trailers, caravans and boats. If you travel with one of these vehicles, your classifications may have been impacted and you might have experienced an increase in your toll road charges as a result. 

We proactively notified customers expected to be impacted by these changes, however if you travel infrequently or haven’t travelled with a towed vehicle at all, we may not have been able to contact you directly. 

Grace period – extended until 27 April 2020

For customers impacted by these changes, a grace period between 26 August 2019 and 16 December 2019 applied for trips charged at the higher, Class B toll on roads impacted by the roadside improvements. This grace period was extended until 27 April 2020. A toll credit for the difference between a Class B and Class A toll may be available if this impacted you.


To be eligible for a toll credit, you must:

  • Have travelled between 26 August 2019 and 27 April 2020, inclusive
  • Have at least one trip classified as a Class B trip
  • Travelled on one of the following toll roads: Hills M2, Westlink M7, Lane Cove Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Cross City Tunnel, M5 South-West Motorway, WestConnex M4; and
  • Have a privately-owned vehicle which was towing a caravan, trailer or similar

Toll rebate scheme

The newly announced scheme for large recreational vehicles by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) means that you may also be eligible for a toll rebate for similar trips, moving forward. For details about this proposed scheme and eligibility requirements visit the TfNSW website.

Get in touch

Please contact the Linkt team to request a toll credit or read more information about vehicle classification in Sydney, or visit the TfNSW website for more information about the toll rebate scheme.