Heavy Commercial Vehicle toll changes

Find out about changes to the Heavy Commercial Vehicle toll multiplier following the completion of the Logan Enhancement Project.

The Logan Enhancement Project is nearing completion. As well as improving the road network by delivering 15km of new lanes, the project will unlock two of south east Queensland’s most congested motorway interchanges. It will also enhance connectivity with new south-facing ramps on the Gateway Motorway at Compton Road.

To fund this critical project, the Class 4 (heavy commercial vehicle) toll multiplier on the Gateway and Logan motorways will change, in addition to the CPI toll increase that occurs on 1 July each year.

Changes that will take effect in the coming weeks:

  • The Class 4 toll multiplier will move to 3.0725 times the Class 2 (car) toll (up from 2.65 times). The toll prices displayed in the table below take into account the 1 July 2019 CPI increase.
  • The newly constructed Gateway Motorway south facing ramps at Compton Road will open and form part of the Kuraby toll point. All vehicles will be tolled.
  Class 2 – from 1 July 2019 (B)
Multiplier (C)
Class 4  (A=B*C)
Murarrie on the Gateway Motorway $4.62
3.0725 $14.18**
Kuraby/Compton Road on the Gateway Extension Motorway
Loganlea on the Logan Motorway
Heathwood/Paradise Road on the Logan Motorway

Changes from 1 July 2020:

  • From 1 July 2020, the Class 4 multiplier will change annually for five consecutive years. It’s estimated to be a 2.5% increase each year depending on final construction costs, in addition to CPI increase.

**Tolls are calculated based on unrounded numbers and rounded to the nearest whole cent (rounding upwards amounts ending in 0.5 cents)

Logan Enhancement Project design concept

Featuring the new Compton Rd ramps.