Introducing email and SMS toll notice reminders

From 16 March 2021, if you have an overdue toll notice for travel on a Sydney toll road, you may receive an email or SMS reminding you and requesting payment. These notifications are sent to help you avoid the debt being referred to a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) or an infringement notice from Revenue NSW.

In an effort to support customers paying for outstanding tolls, recent policy changes have been made to enable toll road operators to contact vehicle owners using the details registered with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

Travelling on a toll road without a valid account or pass will result in a toll notice, which is sent to the vehicle’s registered owner. If this remains unpaid, a follow up printed notice will be sent to the same address. Without payment, debt can escalate and may be referred to a collection agency for follow up.

In an effort to contact customers before this happens, changes have been made pursuant to clause 133 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 and clause 104A of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2017 to allow additional customer information to be made available to toll operators to enable them to contact customers directly about unpaid tolls.

This means that, if you have unpaid tolls for travel on one of the following Sydney toll roads, you may receive a reminder via email or SMS:

  • Cross City Tunnel
  • Eastern Distributor
  • Hills M2
  • Lane Cove Tunnel
  • Military Road E-Ramp
  • M5 East
  • M5 South-West Motorway
  • NorthConnex
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel
  • WestConnex M4
  • WestConnex M8
  • Westlink M7

These reminders are sent by “Toll Notice Reminder” (Email sender) and “Overdue toll notice” (SMS sender). Emails and/or text messages will be sent to the contact details for the vehicle’s registered owner.

To view the list of email senders, and for more information about overdue toll notice reminders, please visit