Keep track of unpaid toll invoices/toll notices with new online reminders

Our new toll invoice/toll notice reminder feature makes it easy to see if there are unpaid toll invoices related to vehicles on your account.

We’ve launched a new online toll invoice reminder feature that lets you know if there are unpaid toll invoices owing for vehicles on your account - making it easier for you to manage all your toll travel costs in one place.

How it works

We’ll now check for unpaid toll invoices:

  • when you open a new account*,
  • when you log in to your account, and
  • when you add a new vehicle.*

If we find any unpaid toll invoices, an Unpaid toll invoices reminder banner will appear at the top of the My Account home screen and also on the Vehicles screen.

*For new vehicles and new accounts, we’ll let you know if we’ve found toll invoices that were issued in the last 30 days only. If your account is suspended, we check for any unpaid toll invoices issued while the vehicle was on your account.

Common questions

  • Do I need to pay for any toll invoices found?

    If you are were the registered owner of the vehicle, and you were driving it at the time of travel, you must pay these toll invoices to avoid additional fees.

    If you ignore them completely, we may refer you to a debt collection agency.

    Topping up your account or adding the vehicle to your account after you travelled won’t pay off any toll invoices that have already been issued. Toll invoices need to be paid separately.

  • What if I didn’t own the vehicle or wasn’t driving it?

    If you didn’t own the vehicle, you don't need to pay the toll invoice. The toll invoice will have been sent to the registered owner of vehicle. This might be the case if the vehicle you’re adding has changed hands recently.

    When a toll invoice reminder appears for a vehicle you no longer own, we recommend you remove the vehicle from your account. If the vehicle stays on your account, your account may be charged for any tolls incurred.

    You can also nominate another driver to pay the invoice if you own the vehicle but weren't driving it at the time.

  • Can I remove the reminder?

    You can hide the reminder by clicking the Remove this alert button, which appears at the bottom of the screen.

  • What happens when I remove this alert?

    The banner will disappear permanently and you won’t be reminded again about these toll invoices.

    However, you’ll see a new reminder if new toll invoices are issued for vehicles on your account.

  • Will the alert go away if I pay the invoices?

    The alert banner will display for up to 24 hours after you pay a toll invoice. To remove it immediately, click Remove this alert.

  • Does the Linkt app have the same feature?

    These reminders will be available in the Linkt app from February 2020.