New $60 weekly toll cap starting in 2024

A new $60 weekly toll cap was introduced by the NSW Government on 1 January 2024


We’re aware of an issue impacting Service NSW toll rebate processing.  

If you’ve recently updated your Linkt account details and tried to apply for the $60 Weekly Toll Cap, please allow 24 hours for the details to be updated on the Service NSW website before you try again. 

If you’ve previously registered for the Quarterly Rebate and were trying to apply for the $60 Weekly Toll Cap you will need to relink your Linkt account to the Service NSW app. 



Claims for rebates can be made quarterly through Service NSW starting from April 2024.

To be eligible, you must: 

  • Be a NSW resident 
  • Spend more than $60 a week on eligible tolls (up to a maximum of $400) for each tag (or for each licence plate number if you have a tagless account) 
  • Have an active (not suspended or closed) NSW personal toll account such as Linkt or E-Toll 
  • Have already paid for the tolls 
  • Have accrued the tolls on a vehicle that is privately registered in NSW, and is below 2794kgs TARE weight 
  • Have travelled on eligible NSW toll roads

Rideshare, taxis, cars registered with businesses and heavy vehicles are not eligible for the rebate.

If you spend less than $60 per week on tolls you may be eligible instead for the NSW Government Toll Rebate Scheme. Claims close 30 June 2025 for toll spend between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024. Find out more.

Conditions of the NSW Government Toll Relief program may be subject to change.  Please visit Service NSW for more information.

Truck Multiplier Rebate for heavy commercial vehicles

Trucks using the M5 East and M8 will benefit from a new rebate from 1 January 2024.

The Truck Multiplier Rebate applies to all NSW and interstate registered trucks that travel on the M5 East and M8 with a valid E-Toll, Linkt or Eastlink account.

These trucks will receive a rebate of one third of their trip travelled on the M5 East and M8.

Heavy Vehicles (Class B) that travel on the M8 and M5 East from 1 January 2024 will automatically receive the truck multiplier rebate as a credit to the relevant Linkt account from April 2024.

Find out more at NSW Government website.

Payment difficulties

Remember, the Linkt Assist team is here to help if you have trouble paying tolls at any time.

Visit Linkt Assist