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Offset your carbon emissions with LinktGO

We're excited to introduce the LinktGO Carbon Offset program, designed to help offset your carbon emissions.

Help us contribute to a greener future

By choosing to take a Transurban toll road, you’re already helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our roads are designed and built to support free-flowing traffic, which helps minimise the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from vehicles by 27% on average compared with alternate routes. By choosing to offset your carbon emissions, you can have an even greater positive impact on our environment and help us contribute to a greener future.

In 2020, the Australian National Greenhouse Accounts showed that the transport sector accounted for 16% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. While electric vehicles are on the rise, we understand that the transition will take time. That's where carbon offsetting comes in.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting helps reduce the impact of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere. When you purchase a volume of carbon credits to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you've generated, this is known as carbon offsetting. 

Carbon offsetting is a small part of a broader solution to transitioning to a decarbonised world. There are many different types of projects in Australia (and internationally) that reduce, remove, or capture emissions to generate offsets and carbon credits.   

Where do your offset dollars go?

It’s important for carbon offsets to come from credible and approved carbon offsetting schemes. That’s why when you choose to offset your toll road trip with LinktGO, 100% of your contribution goes towards buying carbon credits from certified Australian offset projects that meet the Australian government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Products and Services. 

These projects work to prevent, remove, or reduce carbon emissions while also providing environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits to communities, such as: 

  • enhanced biodiversity
  • habitat protection
  • creating employment
  • helping people to live and work on country
  • improving health and education
  • providing access to clean and affordable energy

How does the LinktGO carbon offset program work?

In short, we calculate the greenhouse gas emissions using the average trip length and average greenhouse gas emissions per kilometre for each toll road.

How to offset your toll road trip

Offsetting your carbon emissions is simple with the LinktGO app. When paying your account using LinktGO, simply tick the checkbox on the payment screen to offset the carbon emissions from your trip – just make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

Here's an example of the checkbox you will see on the LinktGO app. The value of the carbon offset contribution will vary depending on your trip.

Screenshot showing the checkbox that appears in the LinktGO app on the payment screen

Feel good about your travel choices by helping make a positive impact on the environment. 

Playing our part

From repurposing recycled materials for road construction, to using smarter energy to light up our roads, Transurban is paving the way for more sustainable travel. Find out more about Transurban’s sustainability initiatives to learn how we’re playing our part in creating a better future.