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Quarterly toll price update for July 2021

On 1 July 2021 tolls for the Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel and Military Road E-Ramp in Sydney and CityLink in Melbourne will be adjusted.

We update these four times a year in line with our agreement with the NSW and Victorian governments, except for WestConnex M4 which is only updated annually on 1 January.

The tolls allow us to manage the maintenance, construction and operation of the network to the standard expected of us. In NSW, the class of your vehicle, along with the distance you travel, determines the tolls you pay.

Cross City Tunnel

Tolls from 1 July 2021
Eastbound Tunnel
Darling Harbour to Eastern Distributor exit
or Rushcutters Bay
Class A$5.97
Class B$11.93
Westbound Tunnel
Rushcutters Bay to Darling Harbour
Class A$5.97
Class B$11.93
Sir John Young Crescent Exit
From the East
Class A$2.81
Class B$5.63

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Eastern Distributor

Tolls from 1 July 2021
Eastern Distributor
Class A$8.37
Class B$16.75

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Hills M2

Tolls from 1 July 2021
Main Toll PlazaClass A$8.28
Class B$24.84
Pennant Hills Road rampsClass A$4.14
Class B$12.42
Herring Road and Christie Road rampsClass A$4.14
Class B$12.41
Windsor Road rampsClass A$2.93
Class B$8.79
Lane Cove Road on-rampClass A$2.45
Class B$7.35
M2–NCXClass A$4.14
Class B$12.42

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Lane Cove Tunnel

Tolls from 1 July 2021
Lane Cove TunnelClass A$3.46
Class B$11.63
Military Road E-RampClass A$1.73
Class B$5.81

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M5 South-West Motorway

Tolls from 1 July 2021
TripClass A toll priceClass B toll price
M5 South-West Motorway$4.90$14.70

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