I've been asked to re-add my payment details

We're currently contacting customers who need to edit or re-add their payment details, due to our payment system update.

If you've received an email, SMS or app notification asking you to do this, it's because the details of the Visa or Mastercard saved on your account won't process payments after the update.

Is this a scam?

No, this is a legitimate activity. Your payment details must be re-added and saved to your Linkt account before 24 October. It's vital to us that your account information is protected and we understand this is a concerning time with the rise of scam messages being sent. However by updating your details, you’re helping us keep your account running as smoothly as possible throughout the system update.

What do I need to do?

Visit our Help Centre article for more information about how to re-add your payment card details.

Stay safe online

Make sure you’re always logging into the Linkt website or app by navigating to linkt.com.au before you enter any personal details, and never click on links you’re unsure of. All known scams will be posted on linkt.com.au/scams  

If you’re unsure if something you’ve received is a scam, this is a good place to check. 

We may email or SMS you from time to time about your account, asking you to update your personal or payment details using our website or app. But we will never ask you to reply directly to an SMS or email, asking for your payment information.