Avoid scams and stay safe online

It’s important to know how to spot scams that are using the Linkt brand to target Linkt customers to gain their personal information.

Online scams are becoming more sophisticated, so it’s important to know what to look for to avoid fraud. 

As a Linkt customer, you’ll hear from us about important information to do with your account, or with reminders to take action to avoid overdue tolls. We may at times ask you to update your personal or payment details, but we will always direct you to log into your account via  linkt.com.au or the Linkt app.

We will never ask you to reply to an email or SMS with your financial information or personal information. Although, we may give you the option to update your email address by replying to an SMS.

Fake calls are also on the rise, where real phone numbers are being used to scam people. This is called “caller ID spoofing” and scammers know that people are more likely to answer a phone call to a number that looks legitimate (it could even be yours). You’ll likely hear an automated message asking for money with fake consequences if you don’t pay, or you may even connect to a real person whose job it is to get money from you.

We list the scams that are known to be using the Linkt brand to target our customers on our webpage. 

See the list of current scams.