Take the upgraded Logan motorway today

With 15km of new lanes improving the road network, travelling in South East Queensland just got quicker and easier.

The upgraded motorway includes new lanes, new ramps and better connectivity, unlocking two of South East Queensland’s most congested interchanges.

There’s better access to the Gateway Motorway with new south facing ramps at Compton Road. You'll also experience improved safety with better free flowing traffic.

Pay for Logan tolls with Linkt

With a Linkt account or pass, you’re covered for all toll roads in Brisbane, including the Logan Motorway and Gateway Motorway. If you’re not covered for tolls already, we have accounts and passes to suit the way you roll. Use the help me choose tool for help finding the right product to suit your toll travel needs.

To quickly find out the cost of your trip, enter your trip details into the toll calculator.

Interested in the project?

For more information on the Logan Enhancement Project, go to the dedicated project page at loganenhancementproject.com.au

Logan Motorway. The quicker way to go. Take it today.