Has your vehicle class recently changed?

Did you know vehicles are classified according to their physical attributes, such as size, seating capacity, construction design and weight/mass? As well as where and how far you travel, your vehicle class determines how much you pay for tolls. So, if we identify that your vehicle has been incorrectly classified and you’re not being charged the correct amount for your travel, we’ll let you know via email or phone.

I've been notified that my vehicle has been incorrectly classified. What do I do?

There’s nothing that you need to do. Your vehicle’s class will be updated on your account, and you’ll be charged correctly for your future trips.

If you were previously charged at a higher class than your vehicle, we’ll correct the charges and credit the difference to your Linkt account.

If you were previously charged at a lower class than your vehicle, you’ll notice an increase in your tolling costs for each trip after your vehicle class is updated. This will apply only to future trips, there are no additional charges for previous trips charged at a lower class.

To estimate the cost of your travel for your vehicle class, please use our online toll calculator. You can also use our online Trip Compare tool, which compares the live travel times and cost of using a toll road or an untolled alternative route.

Vehicle classification FAQs

Why is my vehicle classed differently in other states?

Toll rates and classes differ from state to state, as both are set by the toll road operator’s contracts with each state government. 

Why is my vehicle classed as a heavy/light commercial vehicle, if it isn’t used for commercial purposes?

Vehicle classification isn’t based on the vehicle’s purpose of use in Victoria. It’s instead based on the make of your vehicle, how it’s built, and physical attributes such as construction design, weight/mass and seating capacity.

Do these changes apply to my EastLink trips as well?

As part of our routine processes, we’ve checked trips made on our roads, so these changes we’re making apply to trips on CityLink.

How have you identified the change in my vehicle class? 

Using tolling technology, we compare information about your vehicle with independent sources, such as VicRoads registration details, to identify vehicles travelling with an incorrect classification.

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