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WestConnex M4 and M8 extensions now open

The extensions of the M4 and M8 motorways are now open. Here’s what you need to know.

Travelling to and from Sydney is now quicker and easier with the new WestConnex 7.5km M4 and M8 extensions now open, providing motorists a continuous, 33km traffic-light free motorway network.

Here's how:

Reduced peak hour travel times of up to 40 minutes between Parramatta and Mascot. Skip up to 52 sets of traffic lights between Western Sydney and the CBD. A toll cap after just over 16 kilometres of continuous journey on WestConnex.

Plan your journey with a virtual trip:

Before you set off, take a virtual trip through WestConnex with Transurban's Plan Your Journey tool. The interactive videos allow you to virtually drive any of the routes using the new tunnels. 

WestConnex online virtual portal

The interactive portal has 360-degree tunnel imagery to help you go behind the scenes and learn more about the road. Hear from project experts, learn about Transurban's commitment to sustainability and discover the technology that powers these roads.

Take a tour

You're Linkt and good to go

With your Linkt account, you’re covered and ready for travel on the WestConnex M4 and M8 extensions and on Sydney toll roads. WestConnex will continue applying distance-based tolling, and there will now be a toll cap of $11.78 for passenger vehicles and $35.33 for heavy vehicles for continuous travel of just over 16 kilometres or more in one continuous trip on WestConnex.
Learn more

Check the interactive map before you travel and work out the cost of trips using our toll calculator.

For more information about WestConnex, visit